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In the previous Private Jet Travel Era, in a pre-COVID world, most people never thought of private aviation as a viable option for travel. Whether it be the prices, lack of knowledge about the industry, safety concerns, or a variety of other factors, most people never considered private jets as a way to get where they needed to go.

In our current era, impacting heavily by all the travel restrictions and mask wearing requirements, many people are adamant about flying commercially on the airlines again. Whether it’s fears they’ll contract the disease by waiting around in the terminal, or the 4 hour flight, or being packed into a tube with 200 other people they don’t know. Many people are scared and don’t want to travel if it means they have to endure these travel conditions. Enter Private Jets. Now more affordable and accessible than ever.

Private Jets are the most efficient, safe, and luxurious way to travel. Take a quick 1 hour flight between Los Angeles, LAX and Las Vegas, LAS. This route would normally take 1 hour flight time between the two airports on an airline like Southwest. Although with a 9AM Departure, the average Los Angeles traveller would leave for LAX about 3 hours before their flight, allowing 2 hours to get through check-in, security, etc. This means the average traveller commercially would leave at 6AM, take off at 9AM, arrive in Las Vegas at 10:15 AM given taxi time, and would collect their bags, find a taxi/uber outside the terminal and arrive at their destined hotel at about 11:30 AM. This leaves a total travel time commercially of 5 Hours 30 Minutes.

Not only is a travel time of 5 Hours and 30 Minutes long, but how many people would the commercial traveller be in contact with during this event? 100? 500? In the middle of a worldwide and unprecedented pandemic, contact with large amounts of people could be deadly.

This same trip flown privately would depart from Van Nuys or Burbank Airport, which is geographically closer to most residents in Los Angeles which would reduce travel time. Assuming the same destination and departing time of 9AM, the private aviation traveller would have to leave their home at 8:15AM, arrive directly to the aircraft door at 9:00AM, the aircraft would take off at 9:05 AM, arrive at 10:00AM to a car waiting at the other end of the airport directly adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip. The private traveller would arrive at their hotel no later than 10:15AM. This entire trip flown privately would have a total travel time of 2 Hours.

Not to mention, the only people the private traveller would have been in contact with is the people in their party and their flight crew, which are all following strict health precautions.

Private Aviation travel is more accessible than ever. Charter Brokerages like Amalfi Jets are able to connect clients with aircraft that suit the needs of the mission worldwide. Anywhere in the world, with a 10 Hours Notice, Amalfi Jets can provide any client with an aircraft or helicopter that can complete the mission at hand. All flights are operated by aircraft that have been approved by the FAA and pass additional safety standards established by Amalfi Jets and third party auditors. Not only is private aviation accessible and safe, but it’s more affordable than ever. As part of the recent CARES Act passed into law by President Trump, the act has eliminated the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax on air travel meaning all On-Demand Charters and Jet Cards are more affordable than ever in the industry.

Overall, in our current era of Coronavirus, Private Aviation travel is the more efficient way to travel for individuals looking to truly socially distance from others and be more time efficient when they fly. Don’t waste precious time sitting in airport terminals with hundreds of other people, simply walk up to your aircraft and take off into the sky.


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